Lampson Nguyen

Los Angeles · (805) 402-6754 ·

I am a software developer who previously experienced with agile developent, web dev, .NET, and machine learning with Python.

Work Experiences

.NET Developer

Airborne Electronic Attack Mission Planning

Data Processing, binary decoding, and postflight analysis.

November 2017 - Present

Machine Learning Developer

Mission Data Advancement

Deploy Deep Learning and intergrate into a image recognition web application.

July 2017 - November 2017

International Program Staff

Foreign Military Service

Documentaion, system engineering, and program coordinator.

February 2017 - June 2017

Front End Developer

Lead Business Systen Intergration

Developed front end website for internal business tool.

September 2016 - February 2017

Software Enginner Mentor


Teaching minor students engineering concept as part of afterschool program and guidning the students toward engineering career.

September 2015 - June 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
  • User Interaction Focus Design
  • Unit Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum

Projects Showcase

Company Web Page

Deliver a landing page for a greeting-card company at Los Angeles, MOFE.

Event Web Page

Deliver an event web page for a non-profit organization.

Text Scraper

Using Java to scrape texts from Google's search result and store in local folder, used to train NLP model


California State University, Fullerton

Bachelor of Science

Computer Engineering

August 2012 - May 2016

Orange Coast College

College Credits

President of Vietnamese Student Association Club

Awards & Certifications

  • Carnegie Mellon Personal Software Process Certification
  • California State Fullerton STEM Mentor Award
  • VSA Exellence Board Member Award


Apart from being a software developer, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and bbqing.

When I find myself indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I am an aspiring chef, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technolgy advancements in the web development and data science world.